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Q.  I’ve never been to a yoga class before. May I come to the class?
A.  Yes,Yoga is beneficial for all. 

Gentle Hatha Yoga Class is more gentle and we will be mainly concentrating on the basic poses and correct alignment. 
Open Hatha Yoga Class is suitable for all levels. Whatever class you attend or your own private practice I will encourage all to exercise at your own pace.
* Please consult your doctor if you are recovering from recent surgery or an injury.

Q.  Do I need my own equipment?
A.  All equipment (mats, blocks etc) is provided but if you wish to bring your own equipment please feel free. You may wish to bring something warm or a blanket to use during relaxation.

Q.  What should I wear?
A.  Wear whatever is comfortable as long as it does not restrict your movement.  No footwear during class.

Q.  May I eat before class?
A.  For normal yoga practice it is advised not to eat at least 2-3 hours before class. For pregnancy yoga it is better to attend to the signs of hunger and thirst and there is no harm in having a light snack.

Q.  If I am pregnant can I practise yoga?
A.  It is recommended to wait until 12 - 14 weeks into the pregnancy to begin practising yoga and even those yoginis who practice regularly may prefer to completely rest from exercise during the first trimester.  It is a personal decision but mild exercise is recommended by most medical pracittioners.  For women who have not practised yoga before I would advise that you start slowly and comfortably focusing on your breath and relaxation to begin with.  Make sure your yoga teacher is aware that you are pregnant as there are a range of suitable modified postures.  I offer a pregnancy yoga specifically designed for pregnancy. 

Please click here to view more information about the pregnancy yoga classes.

Q. When can I start mother and baby yoga?
A.  You are welcome to start whenever you and your baby feel ready. The classes are aimed for new babies to toddlers.

Please click here to view more information about the mother & baby yoga classes




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"The rhythm of the body
the melody of the mind
& the harmony of the soul
create the symphony of life"

B.K.S. Iyengar

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