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Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga is a perfect practise for expecting mothers to stay fit and supple without over-stretching.  Yoga can help alleviate some minor ailments during pregnancy (i.e. digestion problems or swollen joints) and is for those who have never practised Yoga before or who practise regularly. 

By promoting relaxation, calm and positive mental attitude Yoga can help to relieve stress and tension, also boosting your energy levels as well as your general well being. 

Using simple poses, breathing techniques, visualisation and guided relaxation, Yoga can help relieve pain during labour as well helping the mother to connect with her unborn child.

When can I start the class?

It is suitable for women between weeks 12 – 42 who have never practised Yoga before or those who practise regularly. 

What to expect in a class

Before starting pregnancy yoga, I will ask you to complete a registration form and at the beginning of every class I will ask you too share how your pregnancy is progressing as so to assess the needs of all the students at that particular time.

You can join the class at any point during your pregnancy and the more classes you attend the more familiar and comfortable with the techniques you become so they will be instinctive and natural.

I will teach a range of Yoga practise's, including Yoga poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation all selected to be safe and appropriate for you during pregnancy.  The class is designed to boost your energy levels, encourage confidence and calm to help you prepare for labour and motherhood.
The class will provide a safe, nurturing environment for you and your unborn baby to bond.

Booking a class or any questions?

There are a limited number of places available per class so booking is essential.  To book your place or if you have any further questions please contact Jodi on 07977 216 106 or email at jodi@purbeckyoga.co.uk

Please complete the registration form and returning it to Jodi before your first class.

Click here to download registration form

All equipment (mats, blocks, bolster etc) is provided but if you wish to bring your own equipment please feel free. You may wish to bring something warm or a blanket as well as a favourite cushion to use during relaxation.

Paid time off work for pregnancy yoga classes

Women in full time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes, which are covered by the category 'antenatal appointments and relaxation and parentcraft classes'. For further details of the legal obligation of employers to pregnant workers, please see http://www.dti.gov.uk/er/individual/03.htm

In addition to her Yoga teacher training, Jodi has further specialised training in Yoga for Pregnancy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Sitaram Organisation.




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"Yoga breathing can be used in daily life to promote calm, courage and confidence."

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

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