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My personal yoga journey started 17 years ago when I first started practising Yoga after my mother took me to my first class.  I initially continued with a yoga class to complement my dance studies but began to find that my Yoga class became a chance to clear my mind and 'set me up' for the week ahead. The physical as well as the mental benefits I was receiving from my practice soon became obvious.

My path through life has led me to discover many different styles of Yoga with many teachers in the UK, the USA and Australia. My personal practice is not any particular tradition but is rooted in the classical style of Hatha Yoga and Iyengar combined with influences from Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow, linking breath with movement. I have special interest in Pranayama (breath control) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation ‘sleep of the yogis’), in particular the healing effect on the body and mind.

During classes I provide you with the tools which will empower you to practise ‘your Yoga’ mindfully through awareness to your body, concentrating on postural alignment and to encourage strength, stability and flexibility. Through Yoga Nidra you can learn how to relax which can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Teaching Yoga is such a blessing and I give thanks to all the people, especially the mums-to-be, who come to share their experience of Yoga with me.  Every class brings something new and fills my heart with joy.

I completed my teacher training in Sydney, Australia and have completed further training in Pregnancy and Family Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance.  I regularly attend courses and workshops to deepen my knowledge and understanding for my own personal and continuing professional development.

I hope to see you soon.

Live, love & laugh.

Om Shanti

Jodi Sanders

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"Sun salutations can
energize and warm you, even on the darkest, coldest winter day."

Carol Krucoff

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